Two examples of a sawtooth in plan: The Gillette factory located along Fort Point Channel in South Boston and the new Millenium Place project on Washington Street across from the Paramount Theater (designed by Blake Middleton at Handel Architects). The Gillette building uses the sawtooth to create a series of north-facing glass brick openings. The serrations in the Millennium Place plan provide lateral views from each apartment – thus maximizing the number of “corner units.” Above the second level (which only has serrations along the Avenue de Lafayette side), each floor plate of the 14-story building has 217 corners – resulting in a total of 3000 slab corners in the cast-in-place concrete structure.



2 thoughts on “Sawtooth

  1. In NYC there is a good example of the sawtooth at the SW corner of 14th St. & 4th Ave. Unfortunately, the nice steel windows were replaced with boring replacements a number of years ago.

    Antonio Coderch of Barcelona was an avid and innovative user of sawtooth plans.

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