Corey works with Legos

Corey Zehngebot, one of our ace urban designers, attended a ULI Workshop training session today – and was taught to rapid-prototype urban proposals using Legos (we are very proud of her emerging talents).  It would be great if the blocks came in the accurately-scaled floor plate widths and floor-to-floor dimensions for the typical urban use-types.


1959 Government Center Plan

As we work to uncover the complex cultural history of the Government Center urban renewal initiative, we came across fuller documentation of Adams-Howard-Greely-et-al plan from 1959.  Paul Spreirengen, one of the designers, sent Tunney Lee (MIT) and me this nice note and images recently. 

Dear Tim and Tunney:

I promised I’d send some images of the original Adams-Howard-Greely-et-al Government Center Plan when I located the original (1959) plan in my nearly ungainly archives. I did locate it and here are most of the images from that report document. They are fairly self-explanatory. I’ve added noted where I thought they might be needed. The images are in the order in which they appear in the report.

Paul Spreiregen


Approaching the plaza from the alley alongside the old City Hall (R).  In spatial design, as well as building massing, and no less in spatial and massing composition we were very mindful of weaving into the existing social and physical texture of this part of Boston.

Credits for the plan (per Paul Spreiregen):
  • Adams Howard & Greeley, principal consultants, with Frederick Adams most active in the work.
  • Anderson Beckwith and Haible, with Lawrence Anderson most active.
  • Sasaki Walker, with Hideo Sasaki
  • John R Myer
  • Paul D Spreiregen