Tumbling Man in Dorchester

Corey and I “discovered” this sculpture – carved from a dead tree – during a recent field trip to one our newest (and most fascinating) projects: a planning initiative that will look at the area between Newmarket and Uphams Corner in Boston.  This area is a vertible boullabaise of uses, people, and businesses.  The buiding stock ranges from the Shirley-Eustis House, a mid-18th Century mansion that once overlooked South Bay, to the gritty industrial buidlings that make up the Newmarket district.  We can’t imagine another area in Boston (or any city for that matter) that packs so much social, economic, and environmental diversity in such a small area. 

From Joseph Wheelwright’s website, the sculptor:
Tumbling Man, 1998, 55′ x 14′ x 6′
Installed next to Wheelwright’s studio on land to be given for a neighborhood playground in Uphams Corner, Dorchester, MA. Gift of Dr. Richard Weinberg in honor of his mother, Ilene Weinberg, who originally commissioned the work. 




One thought on “Tumbling Man in Dorchester

  1. What an interesting project and a cool sculpture! The creative use of the dead tree form as inspiration of the art reminds me quite a bit of the sculptures I saw this summer whilst biking across the country in folk artist, Miles B. Carpenter’s home in Waverly, Virginia. He was apparently the second and last folk artist to ever meet the president. (Go figure!) After retiring from the peanut and lumber business post World War II, Miles started carving curious figures from found pieces of oddly-shaped wood. His home, chock full of these artworks, is now the only cultural institution in the entire town of Waverly, and is home to many sheds of other donations – of farm equipment, of peanut art, of a forestry exhibit about wood and an art studio and picnic shelters. All in a town of about 2,000 people.

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