If by Sea?


Yesterday I completed a long-anticipated, oft-romanticized urban journey, taking the F4 inner harbor commuter ferry from Long Wharf to Charlestown’s Navy Yard at the end of the business day. Ferry ticket: $1.70.  Beer on board: $6. Views of Boston on a picture-perfect summer evening: priceless.  


Despite being an ideal seasonal commuting option for Charlestown residents, it seems the MBTA could use a few pointers marketing this 10-minute boat ride to both residents and the many tourists who dutifully follow the red-bricked Freedom trail line. Arriving hot and thirsty at the end of the Trail – the USS Constitution – what better way to return to downtown then by boat? The boat makes a sweeping arc along the edge of the North End before slotting in next to the Aquarium, offering up a wide-angle perspective of the city as a final antidote to the crooked lines of Boston’s historic streets.  I edited the Freedom Trail Map to better advertise this return option by sea.


– Corey



One thought on “If by Sea?

  1. Very cool route and an awesome proposal. Always better to loop than back-track. But the trick will be figuring out how to paint the red line on the water.

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