Hybrid automobiles have been getting a lot of media attention recently. Hybrid architecture? Not so much. A recent article detailing the controversy surrounding a cafeteria-cum-bar at a Philadelphia charter school made me smile.  Nevertheless, there are some hybrids currently under development in our own backyard that are super-laudable. Notably, the efforts of Hostelling Boston and Emerson College to develop the property at 25 Stuart Street into a hybrid hostel and college dormitory. The idea is simple and certainly not new.  The residence hall can house students in a portion of the building during the Fall, Winter, and Spring, but then do a seasonal space transfer to the Hostel to help meet peak summer demand. The location next to Jacob Wirth can’t hurt, either!

– Corey


2 thoughts on “Hybrids!

  1. Sorry to have to tell you this, but Emerson College is not involved in this project at all. Your post was the first time Emerson College had heard of it. Where did you hear this news from?

  2. The alliance was explained during a presentation by Hosteling International staff at the Downtown Crossing Partnership event last month. It was not suggested that Emerson is helping to develop the project, but that they may share space once the hostel is complete.

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