Birth of a Building Type



We have been developing several theories about typology in the graduate level thesis research studio at Northeastern.  This is one “graphicization”  which explains how a new building typology emerges from another like dividing cells.  Unlike mitosis, however, the division results not from some internal nuclear split, but rather as the result of outside forces which shape the typology to begin with.  In this case, zoning regs and lifestyle adaptations conspire to break off a chunk of the resdiential market and redefine it as “live work.”  I suppose money had something to do with it as well…



One thought on “Birth of a Building Type

  1. This is a groundbreaking take on the theory of typology: Edward Tufte meets Aldo Rossi (and the fundamental issues of our discipline are made that much more transparent). No more murky post-structural theorizing!-Tim

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