To Splice or Not to Splice

What a surprise! I was in the office emailing away and in walks Matthew Sisson of American Architectural Iron with a lovely sample of spliced steel with my name (and his company’s name) etched in it. This past week, we have been wringing our hands over the location and number of splices for the exposed structural steel beams that support the shapely concrete roofs of the Harbor Park Pavilion. The steel will be laser cut, rolled, spliced, and ground smooth – all in an effort to make segments of steel look like a single piece that was effortlessly cast to form the complex shape.

In addition to this wonderful etched steel “notecard”, Matthew surprised Chris Genter and me by reading one of his poems, entitled “The Elements”. He is a published poet as well as a steel artisan. To read more of Matthew Sisson’s poems click on this link:



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