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Wordle is a super cool website that allows you to submit a block of text or a URL, then produces a collage of the most frequently used words.  Check out a word-cloud comparison between Obama’s inaugural speech and Bush’s second inaugural speech.  I plugged in our blog URL and this is what I got:


I think it only grabs words off of the current blog page (not any of the older pages) so with a little fidgeting, we could track trends across each of our blog pages (I have a feeling the word ‘Wonka’ is not actually used as much as this diagram suggests).  


4 thoughts on “Blog Themes

  1. Yes, the word size represents the frequency with which a word is used. The word cloud generator randomly uses one of its preset color palettes, though you can customize your own (this is what it gave me by default). On another note, I think you could get some interesting results if you plugged in a project description or a personal bio… -Ian

  2. indeed it’s an interesting tool if you figure out smart ways to use it – it’s particularly good at comparisons. of course, it also generates pretty pictures…I’m tinkering with other applications for it – like looking at a politicians campaign contributions and seeing which name shows up as the largest – then see if there’s a connection between the names and the voting record. An interesting idea would be to look at Scott Brown vs. Martha Coakley once all the numbers come in…

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