Ames Monument

Now featured on my must-see list: the Ames Monument, a 6o ft tall pyramid located outside of Laramie, Wyoming and dedicated to the Ames brothers of Massachusetts and their role in building the Union Pacific. Designed by H.H. Richardson with plaques by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Authorized by company stockholders in Boston in 1875. Completed in 1882. Weird.



2 thoughts on “Ames Monument

  1. Wyoming’s full of incredible "monuments", both man made and natural. One of the most impressive sights I’ve ever seen is Devil’s Tower. Native American legend has it that two boys got lost in the desert for days; on the 4th day they felt they were being followed, at which point they turned to see the biggest, baddest grizzly bear alive charging straight at them and looking hungry. They ran away, but it was clear they couldn’t outrun the grizzly, so they stopped and turned to face the bear and began to pray. All of a sudden the ground rumbled and lifted beneath them, raising them to the sky. The grizzly clawed at the rising ground, leaving the vertical marks that you see, but never got the boys. No one knows how they got down, but the belief is that the gods wouldn’t have saved them from the bear to let them die of hunger and thirst atop the massive tower. A couple years ago, some mountain climbers successfully climbed to the top of Devil’s Tower, and they too could not get down. Helicopters came to rescue them on the 2nd day.When I visited in the summer of 2002, we arrived at sundown (ironically enough I had endured my own Great Grizzly Bear chase a couple days earlier…another blog in and of itself). As I got halfway around the Tower, I looked up to see a hundred hawks circling above me. There was a frightening and otherworldly feeling in that moment, and I half expected to see a bear and/or tribe out in the woods beyond. Neither thing happened, and I ran briskly back to the car without incident. Moral of the story: Go check out Devil’s Tower too Sully; it’ll knock your socks right off.

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